Lease To Own Calgary:
The Secret for Making Your Home Ownership Dreams Come True!

Have your dreams of home ownership in turned into a nightmare? Do you currently rent a home and still have this dream of owning your very own home? Well then, don’t let bad credit, no credit, or a small down payment stand between you and the home you’ve always wanted. Just because you’ve had trouble obtaining conventional financing in the past doesn’t mean that home ownership in Calgary isn’t in your future.

You can now rent a home and then actually OWN YOUR OWN HOME and the real estate professionals at Lease To Own Calgary will show you how.

Make no mistake: if you currently RENT, you’re simply throwing away your money, which doesn’t make sense. Make a change today and start moving closer to owning the roof over your head with our Rent To Own program!

Here’s what does make sense — if you can afford a nominal deposit and a reasonable monthly payment, you can own your own home in as little as one year through our innovative lease to own program, regardless of your credit.

How? It’s really quite simple.

We own several very nice homes, and as the owners of these homes our Rent To Own programs are not bound to the restrictive rules of some impersonal mortgage company or bank. That means we are able to get creative with the lease options to get you into the home of your dreams.

And the best part is, because of the terms of our rent to own program, you will be considered the owner of that home the day you move in! You don’t have to wait until your credit improves or you have more money for your new home’s down payment… our unique lease to own programs allow you to find the right home for you and to move into it right now!

No more throwing away money on rent. No more landlords telling you what you can and cannot do. You have the right to renovate and improve the value your property just as any other owner… all before you even qualify for a traditional mortgage!

Sound too good to be true? Talk to any of Lease To Own Calgary’s satisfied customers and you’ll know it isn’t!
We know you’ve been told you can’t qualify, but don’t take the bank’s word for it. Talk to the experts at Lease To Own Calgary today and let us help turn your home ownership dreams into a reality.

CLICK HERE to check out our list of available homes to see if there’s one that’s right for you … happy hunting!