Are you a landlord, but would rather not be?

We can help.

We are always looking for houses to enter our pool of properties for our great Lease To Own program.

We are always on the hunt for additional properties to buy to add to our program, but we also work with property owners like you to help you make the job of being a landlord much easier.

Q: So how does that work?
We have a long list of people that are interested in our premier Lease To Own program, who we have pre-qualified as being accepted into our program. The only thing we’re missing for these folks is a property that suits them.

What we can offer you is a long term lease (two to three years), with the benefit of a sale during that time. You get hassle-free tenants, and profit from a commission free sale!

Q: Do you charge for this service?
No. We make a small profit from our Tenant/Buyers for managing their credit repair and down payment growth, and because of the volume of the properties we deal with, it is a viable business for us. We offer this service to you at completely no charge.

Q: Are you like a property manager?
Actually, we are a company that will lease your property, then put one of our high quality Tenant/Buyers into the house. We’re not going to be managing the property for you, but rather we will rent it from you, and then stand in between you and the occupant. In essence, you’re getting a free property manager!

Q: How do I know if this is a good fit for me?
Our experience is this is a great fit for anyone that has a rental property that they don’t like managing, live far away from, or would like to sell but cannot because of a high mortgage balance. Some specific reasons this might be the answer you’ve been looking for are;

  • Big mortgage penalty
  • Out of town owner
  • Can’t afford property management
  • Need to sell right now
  • Up-sizing to a new home
  • Behind in payments
  • Expired listing
  • Job relocation
  • Tired of being a landlord
  • Bought a new house, but can’t sell the old one
  • Vacant house
  • Divorcing
  • No equity to pay for a Realtor (100% financed)

Q: Why wouldn’t I just ‘rent to own’ my property myself?
We have a staff of full-time people dedicated to the screening and Tenant/Buyer marketing process. Although you might be able to find one or two people interested in doing a ‘rent to own’ directly from you, we have hundreds of people that are already in our system and pre-qualified. This lets us pick the very best people for our program, meaning we have the best Tenant/Buyers in Southern Alberta.

Q: What’s in it for me?

  • We pay the rent each month – guaranteed
  • We put quality tenants into your property
  • Provide a long term lease agreement, so you don’t have to worry about re-renting it in 6 or 12 months
  • We handle all property management responsibilities.
  • We’ll take care of all maintenance and repairs on the property up to $500 per month to a maximum of $2,500 per year.
  • We buy your property in the process at a guaranteed price.
  • You save Realtor costs at closing – That’s often up to $20,000!
  • You get Guaranteed income for the entire term of the contract.
  • You get the comfort of knowing the entire process is transparent and agreed upon up front. No surprises!
  • You get to be an absentee landlord. We take care of all the details of renting the home and finding a tenant buyer for your property.
  • It can be structured such that mortgage payout fees are minimized or eliminated.

Q: There are other companies out there that I could do this with, isn’t there?
It seems like our ‘competition’ depends on the day. Over the years, we have seen many other people and companies that like what we are doing, and try to replicate our business model. Ultimately, they fail. We have been around for long enough and helped enough people to warrant being accredited by the Better Business Bureau as a result of our Honest, Transparent & Ethical way of doing business. You can see a few of our happy clients on our testimonial page.

Q: What are the steps?
First, You should give us a call (403-720-0098) to have a discussion and we will get some details about your property. After that, if it’s a house that will work in our program we will come and see it to make sure, then we’ll complete a very simple one page form that outlines everything we’ve talked about. Then we will bring some of our pre-qualified Tenant/Buyers into the house to find the exact right applicants for the house. Once we have the right Tenant/Buyers, and they’ve confirmed they love your house, we will complete a lease contract with you and provide you with a series of post-dated cheques. From then on, you just sit back and relax.