You Find It, We Buy It Program

  • Can’t find your perfect home on our list of available properties?
  • Are you ready to discover your ultimate dream home?
  • Have you already found the home of your dreams?

This is how it works:

A minimum down payment of $30,000 is required. Once your credit application has been approved, you may begin the search for the home of your dreams. If you have already found the home of your dreams, this may also be the program for you!

“You Find Your Home…We Provide the Financing”

That’s right…you have the option of finding your own home without the hassles of dealing with conventional lending institutions!

This option provides you with the ability to choose the perfect home for you and your family. This program presents you with the ultimate benefits (Note: Some restrictions may apply):

  • Area and neighbourhood of your choice
  • Type and size of the home you desire
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms you require
  • Your garage preferences
  • Any other requirements you and your family may have
  • Increased down payment means lower monthly payments for you
  • You select the possession date that works best for you and your family
  • You begin building equity in your home immediately

Upon confirmation of the availability of your down payment, we will provide you with a package that includes a simple procedure that will guide you through the process of purchasing your home. You may choose any method you wish to assist you in finding your home.

You and your family can live in the home of your dreams today!

Buying a home just doesn’t get any easier than this!