Finally, a Home to Call your Own!

A house is more than just a building made of wood or brick. It’s financial stability. It’s peace of mind. It’s your family’s future.

Of course, for whatever reason, you’ve been told you can’t qualify for a traditional mortgage. Maybe you’ve got less-than-perfect credit. Maybe you’ve got no credit at all. Maybe you’re self-employed and can’t show sufficient income to satisfy the bank’s unreasonable requirements. Maybe you’ve just gone through a costly divorce. Or maybe you just can’t come up with enough money for a down payment.

Whatever the reason you’ve been unable to own your own home in the past, that all changes RIGHT NOW!!

Why? Because at Lease To Own Calgary, we believe that it is every Canadian’s right to own their own home regardless of their economic circumstances. That is the goal that gets us out of bed each and every morning.

Now we know you’re probably thinking there’s got to be a catch, but we promise you, there isn’t.

Our program is designed to help you repair your credit and obtain your own financing as quickly as possible, all while the equity in your home increases throughout your lease.

So how long is that lease? Most of our clients are able to obtain their own financing in just 2 years, but some people need a bit more, or even a bit less time. We work with you to get a good understanding of your situation, then build a program that is unique to you, and designed for your sucess.

Plus, unlike some other lease to own companies, we establish and lock in your purchase price from the very beginning — a fair price based on the projected value of the home at the end of your lease.

Then, at the end of your initial lease, we’ll discuss your options. If you find you need a little more time to rebuild your credit or you just want to increase the size of your down payment, you can always extend your lease for an additional year. Your purchase price will be increased by just one half of one percent per month until you are ready to exercise your option to purchase. This allows you to continue to benefit from any equity appreciation in your home. Of course that option to purchase is just that … an option. Once your initial lease year is over, if your life circumstances change or another one of our beautiful homes catches your eye, you are under no obligation whatsoever. You simply walk away, no strings attached.

But if you do want to buy at our predetermined price and are able to obtain conventional financing after that initial lease period, your initial deposit with Lease To Own Calgary will be applied towards your purchase. That deposit will be viewed by conventional lending institutions as an acceptable form of down payment and you will own the home. No catches. No gimmicks. It really is that easy!